We don’t use set rates.  We prefer to use Interchange wholesale pricing on all of our accounts.  Interchange guarantees your business the cheapest possible way to run a transaction. This pricing model works by adding a constant margin onto the underlying interchange-rate. It’s widely considered the fairest model in the industry.

What is interchange?

For every credit and debit card that exists, there is a pre-set rate that the MSP(Merchant Service Provider) pays to the issuing bank. This is often referred to as the Interchange rate, credit card Interchange rates or Interchange pricing. You will discover Interchange rates correlate with the cost that each bank has for these cards.

What does the new chip card/EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) mean for my business?

As of Oct 1, 2015 Master  Card, Visa and American Express shifted over card-present liablity to whomever is the least EMV compliant party in a fraudulent transaction.

Switching to a system that is compliant with EMV cards is a smart thing to do. The new chip cards create a unique code for each sales transaction that cannot be used again, making it virtually impossible for fraudsters to create a counterfeit card with stolen data.

Can I accept credit card payments on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes you can accept payments anytime, anywhere, and now on almost any device with our mobile payments solutions.

Can I use my existing equipment?

Most of the time you can keep your existing equipment.  If during our consultation, we determine that new equipment will be required,  we will help you set up and train you on how to operate the equipment.

How are you different from Square?

Square is usually a 2.75% flat rate.  Square also charges a 3.15% and 10 cents per swipe for corporate cards and any cards that are manually keyed.  We prefer to use Interchange wholesale pricing on all of our accounts.  Interchange guarantees your business the cheapest possible way to run a transaction.  Why pay retail when you can pay wholesale?

When will I receive my deposit?

Deposit times will vary from merchant to merchant.  It most cases we are able to provide merchants next day funding.

How long does the setup process take?

The setup process usually takes a few days after all of the paper work has been turned in.

What documents do you need to setup an account?

It most cases we will need 2 of your most recent merchant statement, 2 of your most recent banking statements, voided check and signed paper work from us.

Are the rates for American Express still higher than the

other card types?

We are proud to offer the American Express OptBlue program!  American Express is now more affordable than ever, allowing you to accept this major card brand with lower fees than before. American Express has now offered lower costs, depending on the transaction size being processed and the industry in which you operate. All of our accounts include American Express acceptance – as the merchant, you can choose to utilize American Express, or not. It’s up to you!

What are your rates?